Corporate Activities for Your Organisation

We can devise a selection of outdoor activities for a great and healthy day out for your staff.

The benefits of an outdoor day of activities to your staff includes

Fun versus Team Challenge

You can decide what sort of an outdoor day you want. Whether it's a day of just healthy exercise and adventure or a day of challenges and team events is up to you.

You may want your team to simply explore the restorative power of the great outdoors and walk away with a better sense of harmony both with nature and with their colleagues.

Outdoor Team Challenges

Our adventure challenges are great fun and involve your team working towards achieving a specific physical challenge. It is non competitive as your whole teamwork sports common purpose. Some of our most popular adventure challenges are.

Orienteering – A Mountain Biking + Walking Challenge

One team negotiates the first half of the orienteering course on mountain bikes while the other team walks their first leg of the course. Both teams meet for lunch and swap activities for the second half of the day. Spectacular bush location along the Glenelg River. Points scored along the way by finding and solving brain teasers.

Top of the Mountain - Rock Climbing Challenge

Rock climbing is an excellent activity to take people a little out of their comfort zone. This brings them together through the shared experience of this challenge. Set in a spectacular location the challenge begins at a very manageable level then is gradually increased to stretch all participants.

River Adventure

Canoeing is a challenging activity to master. This said it is still very accessible to novices. Putting two people together in the one canoe can be a challenge of its own. Then add, attempting to master paddling skills. An excellent activity for developing communication skills. With communication the canoe will go in the desired direction. Then its time to paddle with another person! Can be combined with other activities

Fully Customised Outdoor Activities

Perhaps you would like something special?

We can arrange any type of corporate day you like. Just call us and tell us what you're looking for. We can then devise the program that meets your requirements and ensures a great day out to your staff.

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