"Thought I could find just the right words in a dictionary, that would do justice when describing our last day out abseiling and rock climbing in the Grampians, with Ramon and Co. from South West adventures. Had to resort to "Awesome, Brilliant, Sensational, Breathtaking, Organised". Together with a group of workmates, ages ranging from 23 to 52, we set out for one of those days that are still talked about frequently. Participation 100%. Amazing really as some vowed they would only come to enjoy the walk, convinced the challenges were beyond them. Enjoyment-200% plus. If you want the best fun you've ever had go "create a moment in time" and take up the challenge. This is something you can't help but want to do again and again. And you'll be doing it with the best.
Margo Salmon Healthwise Pharmacies

I was fortunate to have Ramon as my climbing guide at Arapiles and in the Grampians. His friendly and open personality, combined with his obvious climbing experience, ability and knowledge of the areas, made it an unforgettable experience.
Ken James

Thanks for your help this year with our Outdoor Ed program. Once again you have provided us with excellent service, guides, & specials assistance, such as with Joel being able to fill in. Having a reliable contact like your good self makes my job so much easier and fun! You know the students you took for yoga two years ago still remember you and their experience – you’re “that cool yoga dude!” All the best to you, Catherine and family for the Christmas break. I’ll look forward to catching up with you & Dale Boxing day.
Andy - Ballarat Grammar

Thanks Heaps for making our Camp such an awesome one.
Dan Newton - St James College

Thanks for organising such a successful walk. The team all had a marvelous time & I think we have a few converts to bushwalking especially when there is a catering trailer not far away. The crayfish were perfect and a great hit.
Geoff & Barbara - Walkers on a Gourmet Walk

I want to thank you for the contribution you made to the camp and the time and energy you invested in each person. I think that each of us learnt and grew from the experience. Thank you,
Emily - Brothy Family & Youth Services

We had a ‘debriefing’ after the rock-climbing expedition with all the boys, and from each one the report was highly positive, and so appreciative and complimentary of your involvement. We would like to thank you most sincerely for your time and efforts on Friday 29th November, and for participating in such a worthwhile activity. Both the junior boys and their senior mentors gained a great deal from it, in terms of their motivation, overcoming challenges, teamwork and of course, ultimately, their self esteem. The benefits of this program have been enormous, and we would like you to accept our gratitude for your input.
Chris Borowiecki - Assistant Principal
Heather Thomas - Welfare Coordinator
Heywood and District Secondary College

Thanks for your assistance with our Glenelg trip. The boys had a great time, despite the weather. I am thinking of a longer cycle to link the Glenelg River with a coastal walk next year (an improvement on the leech-infested hike this year). I’ll be in touch mid – 2003
Tim Strohfeldt - Scotch College Melbourne

Thank you for running the Haileybury College caving and yoga activities, several weeks ago. Your enthusiasm was appreciated. We are planning another Haileybury College Tour in June 2003, so I will be in touch.
Julia Winter Cooke - The Hamilton And Alexandra College

Many thanks for your involvement in the YMCA’s Summer Adventures 2002 program. The feedback from both leaders and campers was fantastic, and I look forward to working with you in the future.
Kim Halifax - YMCA Portland Leisure and Aquatic Centre

Thank you once again for all the work you have done with the school camps this year. Your participation in the Year 10 Camp and the commitment to participate in the Year 9 Camp this week were both huge tasks and very time-consuming. Although you obviously enjoy it, it is still a huge responsibility.

It is always difficult to balance this type of commitment with family and other activities. I'm sure your family is glad when camp is over. I know the students and staff really appreciate your input into the program, which is so beneficial to all who participate. Once again, thanks for all you do.
Ro Menzel - Bayview College

I thank you for your valuable contribution to the Future Leaders program.
The rock climbing and abseiling are very important components of the course
as is your display of skill around a kitchen table, apparently.

Your approach regarding safety, skill instruction and in particular, the need for personal encouragement to assist individuals to achieve and therefore build up their self esteem is fantastic. This personal encouragement to assist individuals in reaching their goals is vital to this course.

Thank you also for the yoga session which was appreciated by the group. I was disappointed I missed it. It was also great to see your support at the presentation dinner.
Peter Radcliffe - Program Coordinator
YMCA Portland Leisure and Aquatic Centre

The camp was so successful and I want to thank you for the large part you played in it. I know we talked about "positiveness" and that's probably one of the words I could use to describe the students approach to all the activities. Their enthusiasm and willingness to participate in all the activities is the main measure of the success of the camp and so I came away well satisfied that we had achieved our aims.

I know our students all had a fabulous time and it was due in a large part to you and Joel. Could you pass on my thanks to him as well- he is fantastic with kids in this age group! I wish you could have seen him with one of our disabled boys going down the cliff - it was magic! He was so patient, kind and encouraging despite the gale force wind off the Antarctic and the encroaching dark! He may not realize it but that experience meant so much to that little boy! Thanks again for all your assistance!
Susan Smith - Year 7 Co-ordinator

On behalf of everyone, I'd like to thank you most sincerely for organizing our caving experience. The children are still talking about crawling through the caves and how wonderful it was.
It was such a wonderful adventure for all the children and quite an experience for all the adults. The children would like to have spent longer down there (so they tell me) but as far as the teachers were concerned it was quite long enough underground. A great time was had by all.

Could you please pass on my thanks to Peter, who was a terrific guide and the children felt really confident with him as leader.
Liz Monaghan - Stawell West Primary School

Thank you for allowing us to join you and experience a little of what "real" caving is like. It was a unique experience for the children / young adults in 'our group and one that has built their self esteem through the challenges involved.
I compliment you and your organisation for providing the general public with access to an experience that they would otherwise be denied and for doing so in a safe, well supervised manner.

Your friendly, informative and open style of leadership encouraged the group to partake in activities that they otherwise may not have. It also gave them a unique insight and knowledge about the caves themselves and how they were formed.

I would appreciate it if you could send me some information about the other types of activities run by South West Adventures as we will certainly take advantage of them in the future.
Jaqui Dicks - Interchange Coordinator
Community Connections Victoria Ltd

What a week you gave us all. Great route selection, great food, great accommodation & great company. You spoiled us rotten & I for one loved every minute of it. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Marg Saunders - Walker on a Gourmet Walk

We got home safely from camp & had a great nights sleep.

I would like to thank you for making the caving, canoeing & yoga so much fun. It wouldn’t have been worth going on camp without all those activities.

We will have to work on our silence skills & see if we can break the record at the caves.

Helena Brain - Lake Bolac College

On behalf of the “Future Leaders” program, I would like to express our appreciation for your support during this course. For your time & effort we are very grateful.

Not to mention, the incredible time we spent with you rock climbing & abseiling.
It was both an interesting & challenging experience. Thank you.
Kerrigh Cameron - YMCA Portland Leisure and Aquatic Centre

It was absolutely awesome & we all really appreciated the effort you took in teaching us the basics. You are a great teacher (& so is Gerry – pass that on to him will you? & tell him “good luck” from us) we will definitely be coming back for more rock-climbing (but the 40m abseil down the Sandanista Wall was the best!)
Jasmine & Friends


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